BTP feat ActionSpace

BTP is a 3-month experimental collaboration with ActionSpace artists Miriam Jane Ramsey, Ophir Yaron, Andrew Omoding, Julien Soret, Evan Bond, Bert Heaney McKinnell, Ian Wornast, Thomas Owen, Sharon Adokorach, Aled Williams.

“I wanted to create a set up of digital tools for ActionSpace artists to surpass technological complexity and see what will happen. It’s interesting how often these technologies considered inaccessible for people with learning disabilities, where in fact carry so much transformative potential for them. I felt this potential had not been explored before.
For me, It felt like it triggered new forms of expression, sort of a digital multi-channeled stream of consciousness and feelings, where creation was based on communication so like our generational tools and habits, — it was shared and like an exquisite corpse made and connected with others. But it took a different form, it was like a model of it, like an early, rough prototype.
Shifting creation and this way shared authorship, apps used in a “wrong” way…making it all a different condition, like another evolutional branch of the current model. It was like a semi-imaginative chaotic space full of devices, shapes, colors, and sounds altogether, sort of technologically enabled alternative reality made of alternative reals.”

Project is supported by The Arts Society grant and Art Council England.

holytech is a nonprofit experimental platform exploring contemporary technology and its effects on society.

ActionSpace is a visual arts organisation dedicated to artists with learning disabilities.